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About CCI

Cutting-edge, real-world healthcare programs and facilities

Hundreds of healthcare projects across Canada as well as major, multiyear projects in the developing world have benefited from the expertise of CCI consultants. Whether you need specialized clinical programs, multidisciplinary facilities or community health networks, CCI can build the team to design and deliver an efficient, adaptable solution.

Proven Performance

Governments, developers and operators of clinical facilities alike have chosen CCI for its full range of services. Our company's roots in healthcare reach back to our role as global consulting partner for Cancer Care Ontario —a leader in cancer care delivery for over 50 years.  Today we’ve expanded our services to encompass all fields of medicine and have successfully completed international healthcare projects with the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC)We’ve worked with entire national healthcare systems, with urban communities and with individual operators. In each case, we’ve built results for our partners: improved healthcare, created efficient operations and satisfied stakeholders.

Best Practices

We apply global best practices to local needs. Our people are leading medical educators and practitioners, medical business consultants, designers of clinical-medical programs and facilities, and hands-on project managers. In-depth knowledge of future directions in each medical field guides every solution, giving it the flexibility to accommodate growth or change.

Bigger Picture

CCI’s holistic approach encompasses not only immediate clinical needs, but also the larger social and economic impacts. For example, in the field of oncology, CCI typically recommends models that shift the emphasis from late-stage treatment to prevention, screening and early treatment, thereby reducing morbidity and the overall burden of disease.

Ongoing Sustainability

Our goal is to create what we call Intellectual Infrastructure, ensuring that solutions are sustainable for the long term, independent of CCI. Using the ‘see one, do one, teach one’ principle, CCI adds value in areas such as facilities use and educational opportunities which increase local employment or the potential for regional export of your expertise.

CCI’s Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission: To transform clients’ healthcare visions into sustainable solutions.

Our Vision:  To become a driving force, partnering with our clients to create excellence in healthcare delivery.

Our Corporate Values:
Integrity in the work we do;
Trust and loyalty in our relationships;
Innovation and a spirit of trying new things;
Personal growth through nurturing and enabling individuals to grow and realize their potential;
Team shares commitment to results;
Respect for team members and cultural sensitivity to those we work with and serve; and
Excellence and taking pride in what we do.

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